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I've been cutting masters lacquers for six years on my Neumann VMS70. I've modified my lathe and created a lot of technology for it including Groove Graphics and my own stereo feedback cutterhead called Mantra.

I offer mastering services for digital releases and vinyl mastering for pressings(7" 12" at 33.3 RPM or 45 RPM). I can also broker your pressing and handle all of the details on your behalf. I'm located in Los Angeles, California. I now also offer mono cutterhead repair service.

I have a numnber of cutting related items in my store Store. Diamond Cutting Stylus for either Neumann or Presto cutterheads are in stock.

Questions? Call 312-593-0249. Quotes & Order Placement here

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Groove Graphics
Exciting new technology that puts high resolution full grayscale images and text in grooves on records. Click here for details.

Project Bladerunner is now
The Mantra Cutterhead!!!

Only a couple months aways from having the first run of cutterheads completed! Metal parts are being refined. Springs and torque tubes with proper tapers have successfully been produced. Feedback is complete. Mantra will be Replica Omega Neumann SAL and VG rack compatible.  Pre-order Sign Up  Mantra Audio Site
Bladerunner 1.J Test Cut

Bladerunner 1.J Metal Testbed - Feedback Bench Test

Bladerunner 1 J Metal Update Part 2

Dr. Cuts:
We have created a very nice VST Effect for DAW based cutters. Dr. Cuts Vinyl Mastering VST and source code is now freely available!
Click here for more info and to download.

Deep Grooves Mastering - Plastic Cutting Video Guide

Deep Grooves Mastering - MIDIToLatheAutomation

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